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“Everyday Lions begun for two basic reasons: firstly, running is something that I ( Brian Lyons) enjoy and have been doing reasonably well at for a long time now and secondly, keeping fit and motivated with everyday life is close to my heart.

I have been running since 1993, starting because I won my grade 3 cross country. I also wasn’t very good at any of the other sports… but I did have endurance!

There are so many benefits to running that I don’t know where to begin. For me when I am running I sleep a lot better and it’s great for mental health. You also make a few great mates along the way. Runners are a really tight community.”

Sid Mathews

“I first reached out to Brian because I felt my running had plateaued and thought I would try an 8-week program to improve my 10km time. At the end of that 8-weeks I had achieved PBs in both the 10km and 5km. I loved the feeling of getting faster and stronger so much so that I signed up for another 16 weeks. Only half-way through and have already achieved a half-marathon PB. Being able to not just achieve but surpass my running goals has been amazing. The variety of the sessions keep it interesting whilst Brian’s regular check-ins and encouragement has helped keep me motivated. He is always quick to reply and happy to adjust the program to suit my personal running goals. I can not recommend Brian and his online coaching highly enough!”

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