Training programmes

At Everyday Lions we cater for all sorts of runners from your beginner to intermediate and advanced. We have 8, 12 and 16 week options for the following programs.

Everyday program
Everyday program is for those who might be interested in keeping fit, or starting to explore taking up running in some shape or form for the first time.
You may have never run before, or you have no idea about how far you could or couldn’t run if you tried. You might have always hated running, never enjoyed sports at school and feel unsure about even talking to someone about “getting fit”. When we’re developing The Everday program for you it might not be about times or distance, it’s more likely going to be about just getting out there and finishing something. Even if your life is busy and you’ve got no time, this could take as little as half an hour a couple of times per week. We would love to hear from you. “

Everyday Plus
“The Everyday Plus program is for those who already have a good general base level of fitness, and are starting to explore setting to hone in on a specific running goal or milestone.
You might have been running for years, or only a couple of months, but you’re wanting something more than just going through the motions. You may already track your runs through apps like Strava or Run Keeper but the thought of improving your Min/Km or setting a Personal Best hasn’t really crossed your mind seriously… until now! When we’re developing The Everyday Plus program for you we’ll be looking closely at what you’ve already achieved and looking forward to key times, distances or events that you’d like to work towards. You might have to train a little harder or smarter than where you’re at presently, but we’re confident we can get your program just right. We would love to help you achieve your goal!”

Everyday Ultimate
The Everyday Ultimate program is for those who are really looking to take things to the next level.
You know what it’s like to train hard. You’ve googled programs, monitored your splits, watched your heart rate and may have even had a coach. What we’d like to do when developing The Everyday Ultimate program for you, is focus on strategy as well as general training improvements and efficiencies. We know first hand what it’s like to hit the wall, and can relate to burn out and training monotony. We believe we can offer some great insight and help you out. We would love to be a part of your team.

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